IND Grup, SCROP Program

Set Contract Regular Order Program; SCROP

ING Group, together with the Set Contract Program, which is managed jointly by the regional Co ~ Distributors, provides an annual price advantage to its affiliated partners with the target efficiency guarantee process and logistics cost optimization.

IND Alliance together with its Regional Co-Distributors provide guaranteed efficiency with cost optimization process and annual price advantage to all subsidies affiliated with Set Contract Regular Order Program; SCROP.

The Snowport System is an integrated management program for IND Group's internal staff and co-distributors. IND Group, in line with its management program implemented, works together with businesses on a common technical service responsibility giving a sense of shared responsibility.
The basic principle is focusing on people to share knowledge and experience transparently with sincerity. In the technical efficiency audits of the processes, IND Group often takes more responsibility than the business, It formalizes its commitments with a Warranty Certificate and also carries out a special satisfaction program on continuous improvement in process management.